Hyrule Warriors Release Date September 2014: Characters Featuring Ganondorf, Chief Darunia and Sheik


The Nintendo and Tecmo Koei-developed hack-and-slash game Hyrule Warriors is set for release on Sept. 26 for the Wii U. The game combines the Legend of Zelda universe with the hack-and-slash trademark of the Dynasty Warrior games.

Tecmo Koei is known for its Dynasty Warrior franchise, a hack-and-slash series of games that takes place in medieval China. Samurai Warriors is also a similar franchise by Koei but instead takes place in feudal Japan.

The hack-and-slash platform is mostly used in Hyrule Warriors with the characters and settings in the Zelda universe being used. The game is non-canon, however, as it takes place in a different timeline where the forces of Hyrule battle against the forces of evil.

The standard Legend of Zelda characters make their appearance in the character roster, with the hero Link, Princess Zelda, Impa, Sheik, and even the Goron chief Darunia. The latest addition to the character roster is Ganondorf. Each character has their own unique combat styles that they may have adopted from any previous Zelda titles.

Link for example possesses a sword and shield style of combat, much like how he would fight in the original Zelda titles.

Battlefields in Hyrule Warrior take their inspiration from the Zelda game franchise. Places like Skyloft from the "Skyward Sword," Lake Hylia from the "Ocarina of Time," and the Twilight Field from "Twilight Princess" serve as the stages of battle in Hyrule Warriors.

Other aspects from the Dynasty Warrior franchise are also carried over to Hyrule Warriors such as the loot system where players can search the battlefield for items that can improve their character. These items may include Heart Containers or Pieces of Hearts to increase overall health. Character specific weapons may also be found to further enhance the attacks that the characters do.