I Have a Dream - The Dream of Christ

As we celebrate the life and legacy of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, and as we remember the famous words he spoke before the crowd at Lincoln Memorial in 1963, we cannot help but reflect on the dream of an even greater visionary and leader for equality, Jesus Christ.

At a time when women were considered and treated as property, Jesus stretched out his hands to heal and save Mary Magdalene, the daughter of Jarius, the crippled woman, the woman with internal bleeding, the Samaritan woman and the adulterous woman.

In Christ’s ministry, there is no prejudice: some of the earliest apostles were gentiles, tax collectors and fishermen. Even the first bishop of the great church of Ephesus was a slave, who was freed and made useful by the grace of Christ Jesus.

In these ways, the Lord opened to us a new era of righteousness where the transfiguring power and righteous principles of the gospel brings freedom to all. He gave us the dream of equality between all brothers and sisters – rich and poor, young and old – as sons and daughters of the great I AM. He spoke of a world where the righteousness of God’s grace will be available to all, and where all will return to the loving arms of the Father.

That was the dream -- a dream that came thousands of years before the ministry of Rev. King, and a dream that continues to shape the visions of a greater world of love and truth.

As Christians, we have been called to receive these visions and to share in the glory that is to come. But more importantly, we have been called as the vessels to fulfill these dreams.

On this day of commemorating the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King let us not forget the dreams God has for us, and let us vigilantly run to gain the prize for which we have been called: helping bring the Kindgom and will of God upon this world.