I Just Voted, and of the 'Two Evils,' I Chose Neither

Many U.S. citizens, including myself, are in complete dismay that our only options for the Office Of The Presidency have been whittled down to two candidates who have demonstrated an abysmal track record on the economy and just about everything else they have put their hands to.

While Barack Obama continues to "act" as if the economy is doing well under his presidency, and while Mitt Romney "acts" as if he is the economic solution to all of Barack's failed policies, the evidence does not indicate that either one of these candidates are capable of saving our nation on any level; from social and moral issues to national defense to the economy and just about every other concern to the American People.

Obama was elected, largely, through his inspiration of "hope and change," by fooling many Black Americans in to thinking that hope and change meant the ability to get better jobs in order to realize the American dream of supporting their families. They did not count on this kind of hope and change of the enslavement of government welfare handouts with no "hope" of escaping the imprisonment of the system. By acting as if he could change their lives, Barack took full advantage of the racial poor in order to boost his own campaign. Further on this trek, Obama also took full advantage of White American guilt as Whites assuaged their guilt for the American history of the black slavery. Of course, there was no mention from the Obama camp that the Republican Party was formed specifically for the reason of the abolishment of slavery.

Along the same lines, while Mitt Romney stated "My father marched with Martin Luther King," he failed to mention that the facts showed his father marched on a different day with different group, and never marched "with" Dr. King. Romney also tried to hide his church's racist history (See here). Faced with the facts, between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Black Americans, Indians and Latinos really don't have the genuine option of voting for either in good conscience.

There is no question that Obama has further destroyed the economy, as evidenced by the fact that over 100 million Americans receive some form of government welfare entitlements.

Desperate voters try their best to cling to the hope that Mitt Romney can turn the economy around. I have that hope, as well. However the facts on Governor Romney's white washed track-record don't substantiate out. Romney was the quintessential, corporate jet-setting elitist that made millions off of the backs of hardworking Americans that Obama and his cohorts rally against today (See report here).

Since 1973, 53 million children have been aborted. That's 1.2 million a year. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have enacted and supported policies that continue to kill the pre-born in mass: "Barack Obama – "November 24, 2008 – Obama appoints Ellen Moran, the former director of the pro-abortion group Emily's List as his White House communications director. Emily's List only supports candidates who favored taxpayer funded abortions and opposed a partial-birth abortion ban." (See here). 

Mitt Romney – "created Romneycare which is terribly similar to Obamacare but even worse for it openly funds all abortions, on demand. Authorizing Tax-Funded Abortion: On April 12, 2006 Romney signed Massachusetts' government health care plan that from the start has provided taxpayer funds even for what are called "elective" abortions, killing unborn children without even the facade of the typical though invalid medical excuses common in tax-funded abortion laws. Romney's government-run health care plan predated Barack Obama's health care reform and according to the government of Massachusetts, "All Commonwealth Care health plans include… abortion." (See here). Plus Mitt Romney has made millions on Bain Capital's investment in a company called "Stericycle" that incinerates aborted babies collected from family planning clinics.

If you were faced with the leaders of two parties to vote for, the Nazis or the Marxists, which would be? Would your vote be based on the party that killed the least amount of people? And if you cast a vote for either party, would this not be voting for a party of murders? (Why Christians and Conservatives Sense That Romney Could Be Worse Than Obama)

So how did we Americans end up with these two dreadful choices? The same Karl Rove good ole' boy GOP rocket scientists who handed Republicans a sure loser in John McCain in 2008 have yet again stuffed a dreadful candidate down the throats of Republicans, except this time this dreadful Romney candidate will probably win, only for one reason. Because it is completely evident that Barack Obama has taken our hope and change future from millions of Americans, Romney gets the default vote. Romney will not win because he is the best or even a more tolerable candidate. Romney will walk in to the Office Of The Presidency because he is perceived as the "Lessor of Two Evils."

So who did I vote for? As Charles Spurgeon says, "Of Two Evils, Choose Neither". And this is exactly what I did. I chose neither, instead, writing in the name of God, because I cannot be right with Him and support either candidate, their policies, their support of the destruction of the family and their stances on the killing of innocent babies who cannot speak from within the womb. I wrote in the name of Jesus Christ.

The lessor of two evils is still evil.

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