I Will Vote for the Babies on November 8

Donald Trump
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton acknowledge each other at the start of their presidential town hall debate in St. Louis, Missouri, October 10, 2016. |

You can spend all day discussing why Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump should not be President of the United States. But the fact remains that one or the other will be elected. So what is the Christian to do? How does a Christian sort through the moral issues that so degrade our candidates?

Pardon me for suggesting that there is a simple solution amidst the complexity of moral issues at play.


The solution for the Biblical Christian this year is easy: Vote for the candidate who is more likely to save babies from execution in the womb.

This is the most urgent issue of our time. Lives are at stake, now!

Folks are worried about who will have a access to the nuclear button. Well, this country went nuclear against the innocent unborn decades ago. Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling fiasco on abortion, over 58 million innocent unborn babies have been aborted. Collectively as a nation, we all drip with the blood of the innocent. May God have mercy on us.

Of course, for one to make a viable vote, the best candidate must be the one more likely to secure the position of power and influence to pull off the rescue of the unborn. Pro-life appointments to the Supreme Court are crucial. Voting for a candidate who you know will not win may satisfy your sense of moral purity, but in respect to the urgency of the unborn facing death it may prove to be an immoral choice. Funny sad how twisted things are in a sinful world.

Now, maybe our candidate will not keep her/his word on the abortion issue. Breaking a promise is expected in politics, usually by breakfast the next morning after its announcement. But sometimes a politician comes through by keeping a promise. Which politician has at least made a promise to help rescue the unborn? She/he is the best chance for the innocent unborn to escape slaughter in the womb, save Jesus Christ coming back to strike down His enemies.

When I vote, I am not voting for candidate A or B despite what it seems. I am voting for the best opportunity for the rescue of the innocent unborn.

Will you vote to save the innocent unborn from what is often called "the silent holocaust"? This can be a moral choice despite the immorality and unrighteousness of any given candidate. So vote for the babies facing execution when you vote this upcoming November 8, 2016. Then, sleep like a baby that night knowing you cast a righteous vote.

Written by the Thankfully Un-aborted Rev. Dr. William Allen Church, Ambassador at Large for Humanitarian Concerns-National Clergy Council, Washington,DC Additionally, Rev. Dr. Church is a Reformed Presbyterian Pastor, Christian Activist, Biblical Ecumenist, Missionary to the Iranian Diaspora, Chairman of the Joint Academic Commision for the National Clergy Council, and Stated Clerk for The Reformed Presbyterian Church-Hanover Presbytery. He and his wife, Debbie, reside in Manassas, Virginia.

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