Ice Cream Sandwich OS Release Date: ICS Statue Arrives at Google Headquarters (VIDEO)

Android's latest OS Ice Cream Sandwich will be unveiled on Oct. 19 at the rescheduled "Samsung Mobile Unpacked: Google Episode" media event in Hong Kong.

Soon after the rescheduled date of the event was announced on Oct. 13, the Ice Cream Sandwich statue was unveiled at Google's headquarters.

The statue depicts the logo for the 4.0 Android OS, an ice cream sandwich shaped like the Android alien.

The statue joins its predecessor statues that represent older operating systems, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb on the front lawn of Google's headquarters.

Android has a tradition of naming its operating systems alphabetically after deserts.

Speculation indicates that the next OS after Ice Cream Sandwich will be called the Jelly Bean.

Ice Cream Sandwich was to be unveiled originally at the Samsung and Google's joint media event, "Samsung Mobile Unpacked: Google Episode" on Oct. 11.

However the event was canceled, according to the companies, in respect for the recent death of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs.

A few leaks of the OS have revealed various specs including, a Movie Studio app, an app called "People," which is speculated to be a "Contacts" update, panoramic photo option as well as "Backup" and "Reset" options.

Developers have also picked apart leak videos in order to decipher the main specs of Ice Cream Sandwich. They have discovered files that have led them to believe Ice Cream Sandwich may feature a Facial Recognition Lockscreen.

Many more impressive specs are expected for the new OS.

Google CEO Larry Page recently spoke about Ice Cream Sandwich during Google's third quarter earnings call on Oct. 13.

“You won’t believe what we managed to get done in this release,” he said.