Ice Cream Sandwich OS Release Date: OS Features Built-in Photo Editor?

The next highly anticipated Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich reportedly has an innovative new feature.

Sources detail that Ice Cream Sandwich will feature a photo editor built into the Android gallery as one of the many specs on the latest OS.

AndroidPolice received a tip in the form of several images of the various tools that may be seen on the Ice Cream Sandwich photo editor.

The tools include redo, undo, colors, exposure, fix, artistic, crop, rotate, flip, straighten, sharpen and redeye.

The photo editor may also have an extensive amount of effects, including autofix, fisheye, saturation, cross process, grain, sepia, documentary, grayscale, shadow, doodle, highlight, temperature, duotone, lomo-ish, tint, fill light, negative, vignette, and posterize.

While it is known that Google is currently developing a photo editor for Android, it has not yet been confirmed whether this feature will appear on the Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

AndroidPolice suggests that if a photo editor is featured on the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, users can expect to see an “edit” icon in the gallery, which will bring up all of these options.

The blog speculates that the “fix” icon will bring up all the other tools in a larger display while the “artistic” icon will bring up the list of effects.

Ice Cream Sandwich is scheduled to be unveiled on Oct. 19 at Samsung and Google’s joint media event, “Samsung Mobile Unpacked: Google Episode,” in Hong Kong.

The event was rescheduled from its original Oct. 11 date, according to the companies, in respect for the recent death of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs.

The Samsung Nexus Prime is expected to be the first smartphone powered by the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, and will also be unveiled at “Samsung Mobile Unpacked.”