Ice Cube Producing New 'Friday' Movie? (VIDEO)

Ice Cube is said to be producing a new "Friday" movie to help revitalize his world-famous Friday franchise.

His production company, Cube Vision Productions, has already begun considering the film's cast members, according to

"(Ice Cube) is very excited about this…the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another 'Friday,’" a rep said in statement.

It is unclear whether the film has an anticipated released date yet and although critics are weary since filming has not yet started, the rep insists the film is a go.

The rep remained confident that fans would not be disappointed saying Ice Cube, "has every intention to make it happen.”

The classic 1995 film "Friday" instantly became an international hit, and grossed more than $28 million worldwide.

The film, which follows the rough lives of two pot-heads in the ghetto, was praised for its relatable plot line and raw humor.

Stars included Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long and the late Bernie Mack among others.

The film was followed up with a sequel "Next Friday" in 2000, which raked in almost $60 million dollars.

The third installment was "The Friday After Next" which was released in 2002, earning more than $33 million.

Ice Cube, real name O'Shea Jackson, has had a highly successful career, which began as a hip-hop artist in the 1980s.

He has also produced and acted in several movies including "Torque" and "Barbershop".

Ice Cube recently took part in an artistic video in celebration of iconic designers Charles and Ray Eames, which explores the Los Angeles art scene from 1945 to 1990.

Watch the video below.