'Ice Road Truckers' Lisa Kelly Noticeably Absent From Season 6

"Ice Road Truckers" kicked off its sixth season Sunday night on the History Channel. Viewers have noticed that this is the second season without any women on the show, as Lisa Kelly and Maya Sieber are both absent from this season.

Lisa Kelly, who starred on the series from season three to season five and then went on to do a spin-off series "Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads." She spoke with the Huffington Post about her appearance on both series and whether she felts as if the History Channel was accurate in its portrayal of her life.

"It's really hard to put out of every aspect of my personality on TV in [a] few minutes, but for the most part I'm as real as I can be. I'm not faking anything. What comes across is the edited version, but more or less yes [I'm happy]."

She added that while she knows she can drive, "I have to reprove it to the world. I would like the respect of the guys up there, but not to [the] extent that I sometimes play, because I'm trying to make an interesting story. I do want their respect but I mostly already have it."

Although it's unknown why Kelly split from the show, fans are reacting quite vocally.

"The show has definitely lost its edge," Shirley McDougle Finke wrote on the Examiner's page. "Without Lisa it was a bunch of arrogant guys (sans Alex) just boasting and bragging all the time."

"Well, you can forget about me watching," added Ben Rogge. "She was the only reason I even watched it. Adios, Ice Road Truckers!"

"Wow…what a bummer. Lisa was the only reason I started watching that show several years ago and the only reason I kept watching," noted Steven Mitchell. "I guess she got tired of all the crap she had to put up with, even though she was one of the best drivers on the road."