'IDOLiSH7' Episode 9 Spoilers: Is the Titular Idol Group's End Drawing Near?

Tokyo MX Official SiteKey visual art for the Japanese idol anime series, "IDOLiSH7," based on the Japanese rhythm game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Android and iOS plaforms.

The Takanashi Productions are officially debuting two of the titular group's members on the next episode of the Japanese idol anime series, "IDOLiSH7." How will the rest of the group handle this change?

In the previous episode, the boys of IDOLiSH7 were finally able to fulfill their goal of appearing together on TV via the popular live music program, "Music Festa." Aside from the chance to perform on a televised stage, the boys also got their name on their very own dressing room, a milestone that they celebrated with a commemorative photo.

However, not everything was meant to be all sunshine and rainbows. As it happened, Riku broke his inhaler, which, in turn, led him to stress over its loss until he was on the verge of an attack. Iori saw this, and he became worried about the wellbeing of his co-member, so much so that he messed up in their live performance of "TODAY IS."

Iori forgot the lyrics and ended up being absolutely mortified. This, in turn, caused a kind of domino effect for the rest of the IDOLiSH7, who also did not fare so well following Iori's mistake.

Nagi successfully managed to change everyone's mood in the end by inspiring them to dance in front of the arena after realizing that an experience like what they just had could only make them stronger as a group. However, complications are about to arise when the Takanashi Productions singled out Sogo and Tamaki as the only members of the group worthy to debut.

How will such an announcement as this affect the rest of IDOLiSH7? More importantly, how will Sogo and Tamaki respond, knowing this would mean leaving the rest of their co-members behind? Could this spell the end for IDOLiSH7 for good, or is this just another bump in the road that they are supposed to overcome together in order to become a much stronger group?

"IDOLiSH7" airs on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. JST on Tokyo MX and Tuesdays at midnight JST on BS 11. Information on other broadcast schedules and online resources can be found on the series' official site. Episodes are also available in select regions outside Japan via Crunchyroll.