IHOP National Pancake Day: Free Pancakes

Tuesday has arrived with National Pancake Day and IHOP among others are celebrating the favorite breakfast item.

Also known as griddlecakes, pancakes are thin, flat and round and made from batter in a frying pan.

On National Pancake Day, IHOP restaurants everywhere are offering a stack of buttermilk pancakes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. for free. The restaurant chain is hosting the giveaway in order to encourage donations to the Children's Miracle Network.

This year, IHOP is hoping to raise $3 million toward the charity.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is a program that raises money for sick children needing special medical care, and the donations usually go to local hospitals. According to its official website, IHOP, which began its National Pancake Day celebrations in 2006, has raised over $10 million to date.

The one-day breakfast event has many pancake lovers abuzz on Twitter, with #NationalPancakeDay and IHOP both becoming trending topics on the micro blogging site on Tuesday.

"Today is National Pancake Day," started Sammy. "Or as it's better known to me, everyday."

Michael posted, "Eating two banana chocolate chip pancakes from Nick's House Pancakes to celebrate National Pancake Day."

"National Pancake Day @IHOP today be sure to donate to the cause," wrote Jay.

Both sweet and savory-style pancakes are commonly made. There are many variations to the recipe, and pancakes can be enjoyed during breakfast, dinner, or even dessert.

Pancakes also have their own special day in Britain and the Commonwealth on Shrove Tuesday, known as Pancake Day, when perishable ingredients are used up before the beginning of Lent.

Shrove Tuesday is marked by the making of pancakes just ahead of the Lent season of self-denial. Pancakes are used during the celebration because of their rich ingredients; flour, milk, sugar, and eggs, which one should abstain from during the ritual of Lent.

Mardi Gras, which is French for Fat Tuesday, and Carnival are also related to the tradition of Shrove Tuesday.

This year, Shrove Tuesday will occur on Feb. 12.