Illinois Woman Murders Her Three Kids in Shooting Spree

A Livington County, Ill. woman's murder-suicide on Friday has left family, friends, and neighbors stunned as Christmas rolls around the corner.

Sara McMeen, 30, first shot her live-in boyfriend Daniel Warren, 29, and then took the lives of her three children, Skyler Lemke, 8, Ian Lemke, 7, and 10-month-old Maggie Warren – before taking her own life.

With the exception of Warren, all the bodies were strewn across the backyard as a neighbor witnessed the whole thing from her home.

Neighbors told authorities the shootings began immediately after the children got off their school bus, reported the Huffington Post.

The Associated Press reported Annelise Fiedler, a neighbor, ran outside her house upon hearing the first shots fired and stopped when she saw McMeen standing over what appeared to be her dropped baby

"She looked at me and said, `No, everything is not all right,'" after Fiedler asked if McMeen was well.

She then shot the baby multiple times, reported the Huffington post.

The other children had been shot in the head, with Skyler receiving several shots. Warren was hit in the back and in the neck.

McMeen then turned the weapon on herself and fired into her neck with a .40-caliber semi-automatic handgun, the same gun used to kill the others.

The town's sheriff Martin Meredith released a statement that read, "still putting together this tragic incident" and further implored they were looking for people who had spoken to either McMeen or Warren that day.

Police are still unsure of the possible motives, but are investigating the matter.