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'Impeach Obama' Billboard Campaign Portrays President With Mustache, Like Adolf Hitler

'Impeach Obama' Billboard Campaign Portrays President With Mustache, Like Adolf Hitler

A video billboard ad at a Kendallville, Ind., shopping center portrays President Barack Obama with an Adolf Hitler mustache and the message "impeach Obama." The ad was removed on Oct. 15, 2013. | (Photo: Screen grab/
A two-day video billboard ad campaign paid for by LaRouche PAC was removed from Kendallville, Ind., shopping center. The billboard, which read "impeach Obama," also shows an image of President Barack Obama with an Adolf Hitler mustache, Oct. 14, 2013. | (Photo: Screen grab/

A video billboard campaign that portrays President Barack Obama as having an Adolf Hitler mustache is calling for his impeachment and restoration of the Glass Steagall Act.

The sign, which was paid for by the LaRouchePAC, a political action committee created by Lyndon LaRouche, who has run for president eight times since 1976, was part of a two-day ad campaign that was displayed in the Cornerstone Plaza shopping center's digital marquee located along U.S. Route 6 in Kendallville, Ind., a town that has a population of 9,800 people.

Barbara Boyd, the treasurer of LaRouchePAC, told The Christian Post that they are "considering purchasing other space" to place their ads, "but have not come to a conclusion yet."

"The mustache on Obama, originally styled with the message 'I've changed' was intended to draw the parallels between Obamacare and the T4 program which began Hitler's genocide," Boyd explained. "T4 involved denials of healthcare or rationing of it to the infirm, the disabled and the elderly, and evolved into genocide against the Jews, political dissidents, and racial minorities. It was originally justified on the basis of cost."

She continued: "The proponents of Obamacare, including Obama, Ezekiel Emanuel, Peter Orszag and most recently, Frank Keating of the American Bankers Association, have proposed rationing or denying care on such bases as the 'longevity index' or 'quality of life.' Put simply, as in the recent Southern European model of genocide against the populations of Cypress, Greece and other countries, Wall Street and the city of London financial establishment come first, the population will be sacrificed as necessary to sustain their profoundly flawed oligarchical and imperial economic model."

According to Boyd, "Obama is a wholly owned tool of this establishment. We propose advancing the American system of economics used by Hamilton, Lincoln and Roosevelt, in which large scale technologically and scientifically advanced economic development projects provide physical economic growth and the financial means to fully value human life, including providing all necessary healthcare, without monetization by insurance companies or Wall Street."

Suzanne Handshoe, mayor of Kendallville, told WANE-TV that she has been inundated with phone calls this week from people who are asking her questions about the sign, and added that the controversial ad doesn't reflect a positive image for her community, and is glad that as of Tuesday, the ad had been removed.

"All the hard work that we put forward as a community to change our image, to be a positive, growing community, and then a sign like this appears. It just undoes everything we've been doing," Handshoe said.

The sign's owner, however, said the paid advertisement was not affiliated with the local businesses in the shopping center where the rotating digital sign is located, according to KPC News, which reports that the LaRouchePAC ad was up one day longer that it should have been.

Bill Roberts of LaRouchePAC told the local station that members of the organization were in Kendallville over the weekend to talk about their efforts and the process of impeaching Obama.

According to the local station, Roberts said they were in Kendallville to "stir the pot and let people know that there's a political fight that's going on, that's going on in D.C. and extends out to the regions of the country."

The PAC's anti-Obama ad in Kendallville is not the first one that has been on display.

In 2011, LaRouche volunteers set up an information and recruiting table outside a grocery store in San Francisco, Calif., which had a sign calling for the president's impeachment, and showed an image of Obama with the Hitler mustache. The volunteers said they were opposed to the president because of his decision to decrease funding for infrastructure and space programs.

Similarly, in 2009, LaRouche supporters contacted police in Seattle, Wash., after receiving verbal threats from onlookers who told them they were going to rip apart their signs that showed an image of Obama with the Hitler mustache.

And last year, an 80-year-old woman took down similar posters at her local post office that were displayed by LaRouche supporters.

"My generation went through the Second World War, and Nazism is about the worst there can be," Nancy Lack told NBC Connecticut. "I just got very angry that they would do that to Obama's image."


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