Implants Left at Hotel and 80 False Limbs

Being forgetful is understandable, especially when running out of a hotel room just before checkout time. But a new report has made a list of some more extreme things left behind by forgetful minds.

At the top of the list is a pair of breast implants left behind by a Travelodge customer in the U.K. last year. There was no back story, but that sort of tale may just tell itself. There was a longer explanation, however, as to how a $975 kitten was left behind.

The cat, a Persian Chinchilla, was supposed to be on her way to a cat show, but the owner was in such a hurry that she scurried off without the kitten in tote. She did not realize until she was halfway to the show that her showpiece was missing, according to an ABC report.

Those items still aren't the strangest things ever left behind. Over 80 false limbs were left behind at various Travel Lodges during one year, a Telegraph report revealed.

But one man who made the list can't really be made to blame. It's not that he left something behind so much as he forgot to leave. The Telegraph report recalled one housemaid who serviced a room for three days before realizing that the man asleep in the bed was actually dead.

"A Rolex watch, a set of false teeth with diamonds, the original Harry Potter wand that was used in the 'Harry Potter' films and an 8-foot pop-up spray tanning booth were among the other items" left behind at a Travel Lodge according to an ABC report.

The report also added a micro pig and a bucket of crab legs. What have you left behind?