In Honor of Mom

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I haven't hugged Jan Daly for over 40 years, but her love and prayers have followed me all my life. Our time together was too short, but I'd like to think I inherited Mom's playful wit and humor. I miss you, Mom.

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Jean is not only my best friend and confidant, but a magnificent mother to our boys, Trent and Troy, too. When she walked into my life at a mutual friend's wedding, it was as if the sun began shining brighter than ever before.

I realize that for some, this coming Sunday will be a difficult day. Perhaps your mother has passed away, or maybe you're a mother who recently lost a son or daughter. Then there are those who desperately want to be mothers, but are not. Please know you're not alone in your grief, disappointment or unfulfilled dreams. God knows and He understands. If we can help you on your journey, I hope you'll reach out to us here at Focus on the Family.

Somebody once said that a man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done. That sounds about right. Mothers are modern-day heroes!

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