Ind. Pastor, Wife Set Guinness World Record for 'Person Skipping Rope on a Bed of Nails on Top of Other Person'

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(Photo: YouTube 101LakesNetwork)John Bruney and his wife Amy set a world record in 2014 for having a person skip rope on a bed of nails resting on top of another person.

An Indiana pastor has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the second time in his life.

The current pastor at Zion Missionary Church in Fremont, Ind., Jon Bruney recently set a new world record by pulling a 31,000-pound-plus semi-truck for the distance of one mile in a time of one hour and 36 minutes.

Last week, he set a new one when he and his wife, Amy, broke the current world record for having a person skip rope on a bed of nails resting on top of another person.

To accomplish their record, Bruney took a 125-pound board with 3,000 nails driven through it and placed it on top of his chest. Amy climbed atop the board and began skipping rope.

"I told her, 'Don't stop no matter what you hear below.' I actually got the wind knocked out of me. The rest of the week my ribs were sore," Bruney told The Journal Gazette.

To beat the current record, Amy had to skip at least 70 times, a figure she cleared with little difficulty, despite having previously only skipped 50 times. Her final count was 117 skips.

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, Bruney, an exercise coach and motivational speaker, also "puts on inspirational strong-man shows around the country a handful of times each year, performing stunts such as driving nails with his bare hand, tearing phone books in half and snapping chains wrapped around his chest," reported The Journal Gazette.

Last July, Bruney told the fitness website Dragon Door about his favorite stongman feat. "The first time we tried it they attached one of my arms to a pick-up truck and put it in park. A motorcycle was attached to my other arm and took off in the other direction. It was extremely scary because of the two different types of forces, but it was one of those things where you try it and hopefully it works out."

Bruney is the recent author of Neuro-Mass: The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength which "provides the
fastest means for adding slabs of functional, SMART muscle to your frame" and "gives you the exact protocols you need to create an impressive, functional, athletic physique."