Women Beat 'Rape Politician' in India Accused of Sexual Assault (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Screenshot/Viral Videos 2012)Women beat Indian congressman Bikram Singh Brahma after he was accused of rape.

An Indian congressman was publicly stripped and beaten by a mob of men and women on Jan. 3 before being taken into police custody for allegedly raping a married woman in her home in Santipur, Assam.

Congressman Bikram Singh Brahma of India's Chirang district allegedly broke into a residence and raped a woman in the early hours of Jan. 2 while visiting Santipur, according to the police report filed by the woman's husband.

India's Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said in a statement that Brahma "would not be spared, whether he is Congressman or not," according to the Daily Mail.

"It is the most condemnable act. Anyone who commits rape or attempts it should be given stringent punishment," Gogoi added.

The Indian Express reports that villagers attacked Brahma shortly after hearing of his alleged crime, stripping him of his clothing and beating him before police arrived at the scene.

The villagers of Chirang were reportedly in process of lynching Brahma when police arrived to take him into custody.

Additional national television footage of the beating shows villagers spray-painting Brahma's vehicle and slapping him on the back with long wooden sticks.

Brahma's political titles include Congress coordinator of Bodoland Territorial Council and Baksa district Congress committee chairman, according to The Indian Express.

Authorities have confirmed that if Brahma is found guilty, he will be expelled from his political party.

India has received a large public outcry regarding its punishment of female assault after one victim was gang raped on a New Delhi bus in Dec. 2012, and later died of her injuries.

Watch the video of Indian politician Bikram Singh Brahma being beaten by villagers:

(Video: Viral Media 2012)
Indian politician Bikram Singh Brahma beaten after being accused of rape.