Indiana House 'Portal to Hell,' Officer Says After Years of Demonic Activity and Possession

An Indiana police chief and priest who examined a small house for the state have now called the house a "portal to hell" that is frequently cited in multiple cases of possession. The Indianapolis Star has released over 800 pages of testimony and official records of the supernatural at the house.

According to reports, the supernatural incidents began three years ago with the arrival of huge, seemingly unnatural flies at the house of Latoya Ammons and her family. While it would normally not be an unusual occurrence, the flies arrived in December, meaning that it was a very unexpected time of the year for the flies to be at the house.

"This is not normal," Rosa Campbell told the Star. "We killed them and killed them and killed them, but they kept coming back."

In 2012, the family awoke to find Latoya's 12-year-old daughter levitating above her bed. The family immediately began praying and she was finally "released" and lowered back onto the bed, but when she woke up, she had no memory whatsoever of the ordeal. That's when Campbell told her daughter that they needed help fighting whatever was causing all these problems.

Religious leaders advised the family to perform a cleansing, which they did. But Campbell wanted more help and reached out to two clairvoyants who claimed the family home held more than 200 demons. Upon their advice, the Campbell family made an altar in the basement, burned sage and sulfur throughout the house and read Psalm 91 as they walked throughout the house.

Campbell claims that her grandchildren, ages 7, 9, and 12 were all possessed at some point. The most extreme case, though, was documented at length in a DCS (Department of Children's Services) report. Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwu, the family's physician, had been involved with the children's cases and was aware of their claims. He wrote that the children had "delusions of ghost in home" and suffered from "hallucinations" in his medical reports.

Finally, things came to a head. The younger children, seemingly upset with Onyeukwu's assessment, began yelling and cursing him in demonic voices. DCS staff wrote that the 7-year-old was "lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him."

Medical personnel took the boys to Methodist Hospital, where they later awoke with no recollection of the incident. However, when DCS family case manager Valerie Washington interviewed the 7-year-old, he growled at her, bared his teeth, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He then began strangling his older brother and had to be pried off by several adults.

During a later interview, Washington again tried to speak with the 7-year-old, who began growling and told his brother, "It's time to die. I will kill you."

The 9-year-old then had a "weird grin" on his face and walked backward up a wall to the ceiling, did a flip, and landed on his feet, according to Washington's official DCS report.

"He walked up the wall, flipped over her and stood there. There's no way he could've done that," nurse Willie Lee Walker told the Star. "We didn't know what was going on. That was crazy. I was like, 'Everybody gotta go.'"

The children were removed from the home due to neglect of their education, which their grandmother says was due to all of the paranormal activity. But they were reunited in 2012, after several exorcisms were carried out on Ammons and throughout the house. The family eventually moved and there have seemingly been no more problems.

"I think there was a curse placed on the mother, and that she was the focus possibly of an ex-boyfriend or his wife and that, combined with some tragedy and perhaps occult practices that had taken place in that house before, and that had opened a portal," Father Maginot, the priest who performed the exorcisms, told Mail Online.