Indiana Under Tornado Watch, Storms Expected to Produce Multiple Tornadoes

Several counties in southern Indiana are under a tornado watch, a day after severe tornadoes devastated much of the Midwest.

More storms are developing around the area that have the potential of being tornado producers, said Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Jamie Simpson.

The tornado watch issued for this region is in effect until 9 p.m. It has been labeled a "Particularly Dangerous Situation," which is a rare distinction because of the high risk of weather-related damage.

A "high risk" alert has also been issued for the region as severe storms move in, meaning damaging winds are likely. The heaviest chance of tornadoes is after 4 p.m., according to Simpson.

Meteorologists suggest that areas north of Interstate 70 may see less severe weather, but are still at risk.

"It may come down to how much sun we get and how much we warm up, because tornadoes are a function of both wind fields being just right and also strong updrafts," Simpson said.

The tornado watch is the first of the year for the region. Officials have urged residents to stay home and listen to local weather reports and updates. The weather service can be heard by tuning to AM1290 or 95.7FM.