Infant Used as Shield: Father Used Own Child as Human Shield in Standoff WIth Police

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An infant was used as a shield by his own father in a police standoff in Oregon at the weekend, according to reports.

Authorities were responding to reports of an alleged burglary and were chasing down the father, Raleigh Reynolds. However, when they caught up with him and tried to arrest him, he reportedly ran and jumped over a fence to a neighbor's yard. He made a dash for the neighbors house and then proceeded to barricade himself in.

Police officers then surrounded the property leaving him no way to get out. Reynolds did try to escape a number of times, but when he saw his route blocked he quickly retreated back into the residence.

Out of options, the man is then reported to have come out of the house on his own accord, but when he did so he was holding a 7 month old baby in front of him as a shield, according to police.

After a tense standoff with the waiting officers, Reynolds finally agreed to hand over the child, who it later turned out was his own. The baby was then in turn handed over to the safety of other relatives nearby.

Reynolds was arrested and taken into custody, and it has been reported that he was unarmed.

He was taken and booked into the Clackamas County Jail on charges of burglary, obstructing governmental administration, endangering welfare of a minor and resisting arrest, according to Fox 12.

He is scheduled to stand before a judge on Monday.