Infidelity Billboard Photo Goes Viral: Husband's Affair Revealed Publicly in North Carolina (VIDEO)

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This so-called infidelity billboard has revealed a husband's affair to the public alongside a busy North Carolina road.

A so-called infidelity billboard has hit the news this week after a wife revealed her husband's affair on a huge billboard in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The billboard sign stated: "Michael - GPS Tracker - $250, Nikon camera with zoom lens - $1600, Catching my LYING HUSBAND and buying this billboard with our investment account - Priceless. - Jennifer (sic)."

The sign was placed up on the side of busy North Carolina road, Battleground Avenue so that thousands of commuters, as well as her husband would be able to see it.

The billboard also signed off with the message, "Tell Jessica you're moving in!"

The huge sign revealing the spouse's affair made waves among locals, many of whom stopped to read it and even take photos.

Photos and videos of the signboard have since gone viral, and it seems clear that the husband must have heard about it by now, although no official word has been released about the couple, Michael and Jennifer, or the woman he was allegedly having an affair with, Jessica.

Some have claimed that the billboard may be some kind of publicity stunt, although there has been nothing found linking camera makers, Nikon, to the billboard and the company has not released any comments.

Here is a video report on the infidelity billboard: