Google+ and Facebook Video Chat Initial Reaction

A day after Facebook unveiled its new video chat feature, CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have mixed feelings about the public’s first impressions to the new application. As the potential battle that looms between Facebook and Google+ toils in the minds of tech buffs around the country, the general reaction seems to be that Google+ is ahead on a number of features compared to Facebook in the development of the new video chat feature.

The Google+ feature “Hangout” has left many people wondering whether the new platform could upstage Facebook in the video chat battle. One reason for this has been simply because consumers would like the option to invite more friends into a conversation.

Google+ gives users a handy way to organize their social contacts into different "circles" including friends, relatives and colleagues with whom they can share items.

Though Facebook now offers the option to create "Groups," users broadcast their information to everyone by default.

Google+ also offers a group video chat which is an application that Facebook has not immediately instituted in its features.

In addition, Google+ has integrated a feature that allows a group of friends to watch content from a webcam that’s viewing videos from This is a feature that Facebook also does not possess.

Google+ seems to have an advantage in the amount of features its video chat possesses, however, others have said Facebook has the upper hand in terms of usability and quality.

“Google Hangouts isn’t as good for one-on-one conversations. The whole setup of a hangout, sending out invites, is too complicated for that,” reporter Michael Arrington commented on the Tech Crunch website.

At the moment the battle between the Facebook and Google+ video chat systems appears to be evenly balanced with different critics siding with the each of the technological giants.