'Injustice 2': Achievements and Trophies That Can Be Claimed

'Injustice 2' is set to be released on May 16
Injustice 2 official website'Injustice 2' will be officially released on May 16

Console games these days would seem incomplete if they did not come out with Achievements/Trophies, and "Injustice 2" is no exception.

Though the game is not set to be released for a few more days, fighting game fans can already check out the different Achievements/Trophies that they can earn from playing.

According to Xbox Achievements, 62 Achievements will be made available for players who get the Xbox One version of this title. On the other hand, PlayStation 4 players may be able to receive as many as 63 different Trophies, according to Exophase.

The reason for that discrepancy appears to be the "World Destroyer," which is the Platinum Trophy PS4 players will get after they have earned all the other Trophies.

Moving on now to the other Achievements/Trophies, there are several that are related to specific characters.

For instance, the "Deadly Nightshade" Achievement/Trophy will require players to beat an opponent using Poison Ivy with the fatal blow being the Kiss of Death.

Another one known as "I Never Miss" calls on players to be very precise since they will need to land at least 10 shots in a fight they win while using Deadshot and they cannot afford to miss any shot they take.

Some of the Achievements/Trophies inside "Injustice 2" are specific to modes. For completing 50 percent of the Story Mode, players will trigger "Half Way There" and finishing the Story Mode completely means they will unlock the "Who's Next?" Achievement/Trophy.

If players go through the Story Mode again and complete all the alternate paths while doing so, then they will unlock "I'll Do It Again."

Players who also take the time to max out the levels of all the characters in the game will also be known as the "Master of All Trades."

"Injustice 2" will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on May 16.