Inmates Sickened by Gas: 49 Women Taken Ill After Carbon Monoxide Leak in Prison

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Inmates reportedly sickened by gas in a central Pennsylvania prison are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning, according to authorities.

The incident concerned about 50 female inmates at the prison, and although most of those affected by the gas leak have been released after treatment, five remain hospitalized on Thursday, according to York County officials.

According to the York County statement 44 inmates have been treated and now returned to the York County Prison, with five requiring more extensive treatment.

The women became ill on Wednesday evening while secure in the prison dormitory. They were said to be experiencing the affects of inhaling significant amounts of the deadly odorless and colorless gas, Carbon Monoxide.

At the moment it is suspected that the gas leak must have come from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Upon realizing the inmates were becoming sick due to a gas leak, the systems were shut down, and authorities have indicated that the carbon monoxide levels in the area have since returned to normal.

York County Prison has about 215 women incarcerated at the facility, which is located approximately 85 miles west of Philadelphia.

The women who have been treated and released from hospital have been returned to the prison but for the moment will be located in a different area of the prison facility.

According to reports, the prison has already said it is discussing proposals to install Carbon Monoxide detectors throughout the facility.