Interview With Michael Tait of the Newsboys

The 'God's Not Dead Tour' will be traveling across 60 cities starting in January

The Newsboys is about to begin its largest tour as a band, the "God's Not Dead Tour," which starts in January and will look to promote the release of their latest album.

The title God's Not Dead has invoked a strong response from the band's lead singer Michael Tait.

"He's more than an idea or spiritual being," the Newsboys' Michael Tait told The Christian Post, referring to the title of their new worship album God's Not Dead.

"God's Not Dead is so important, because people need to hear sometimes that He's real, He's alive, Jesus was raised from the dead.”

Tait said he is excited about the 60-city tour because it would be an opportunity to "worship with believers all over the country." So far these believers have shown their support for the record with very vocal responses from samplings played during the band’s recently concluded fall tour.

"The response has been fantastic," Tait noted.

Tait reunites with former band mate from DC Talk, Kevin Max, on two tracks, "God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)" and "I Am Second." He also noted some of the tracks on the album are remakes of older Newsboys worship songs from former singer Peter Furler's days, and stressed the importance to him to put his own spin on the songs.

"I want to do the songs justice, or do them better. Put the new Newsboys savvy on them," he told CP.

Since taking the reins of lead singer from Furler in 2009, Tait has said he still has a few "naysayers," but added with a laugh, "It's not like I'm an unknown character. They could have picked someone worse.”

The 45-year-old singer was formerly one-third of Christian music's biggest group of all time, DC Talk.

He, along with TobyMac and Kevin Max, were running right alongside the Newsboys in the 90s making hit Christian records before disbanding in 2001 to pursue solo projects.

"I'm so blessed," he said referring to being a part of both pioneering musical groups. "In DC Talk the song would never end. I would sing, then Kevin would sing, then Toby would rap. I couldn't finish a song," he said as he demonstrated what he meant by singing a few lines of DC Talk’s "Say the Words."

"Now," he said, "I can start the song and finish it. It's just me."

Tait said the biggest difference between the two groups is like picking out ex-girlfriends. He laughed saying, "Each one you liked for a different reason and had a different emotional response too.”

However, the factor that ties the two groups together is the fans. "We share the same fan-base; the transition was easy because everyone was familiar."

It is because of this that the Newsboys often include DC Talk's hit song "Jesus Freak" as part of their set. They performed it once with TobyMac and another time with Christian rapper KJ-52. Sometimes Tait does TobyMac's raps himself.

"I'm not a rapper. I do the best I can," Tait joked. "Toby does a great job, I'm sure you can tell."

The bands that are part of the Newsboys tour are working with Compassion International and I Am Second – two organizations that will be speaking and reaching out at each city stop. Compassion International deals with global child poverty, and works with local churches to meet the need. I Am Second is a movement that inspires people to live for God and share their testimonies online.

Tait was especially excited about the message of I Am Second, "Put everyone else before yourself and be second to Christ."