'Into the Badlands' Season 2: Show Creator Drops Interesting Details About New Season

After more than a year of hiatus, "Into the Badlands" has finally returned for its sophomore season. Since the six-episode season 1 dropped its final curtains with many of the characters still in a difficult place, fans are excited to know what is in store for the warriors in the new season.

Facebook/IntoTheBadlandsAMCPromotional photo for "Into the Badlands"

Recently, "Into the Badlands" co-creator Alfred Gough revealed some interesting details about season 2. In his interview with Comicbook.com, Gough revealed that the new season will open up the show by exploring the fort, the sanctuary and the world beyond, which were all introduced in season 1.

Gough also said that season 2 will feature a location change from New Orleans to Ireland. According to him, they opted to move to a different shooting location to offer the audiences new landscapes and to give a lot more variety to their world.

The show creator further teased that season 2 will feature some of the Barons and factions that were first introduced in the previous installment. In the new season, the Barons will get together in a conclave to settle a dispute, and this is where fans will catch a glimpse of them again. He said fans will get to know some of the Barons better in season 2 and see how politics and "the bigger political machinations of the world" work more in the story.

As for its cast, it was previously confirmed that Nick Frost had been tapped to portray an important role in the upcoming season. According to Gough, Frost will play Bajie, a con-man and part hustler whom Sunny (Daniel Wu) will meet in the outline territories.

"I think Nick's been a great addition to the cast, and I think he's brought humor into the world as well, which I think is... When we were looking at season one the thing that we thought the show need was definitely more humor 'cause you don't want to become yet another self-serious cable drama," Gough said of Nick's character.

"Into the Badlands" season 2 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on AMC.