Intruder Flees Hotel Room When he Awakes Mike Tyson

A burglar at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas fled the scene after he realized he was breaking in on a not-so-helpless victim-former Champion boxer Mike Tyson.

The thief ran out of the boxer’s suite after the heavyweight awoke to rustling noises, Mail Online reported.

“We're told Tyson was sleeping like a baby when all of a sudden, he awoke to rustling sounds and saw a flashlight. But by the time Iron Mike realized what was happening, the intruder had already run out of the room,” TMZ reported.

According to Mail Online, Tyson stayed at the hotel on New Year’s Eve with his family after attending a Stevie Wonder concert.

“We have received a report of an incident that is currently under investigation. As always, guest safety is of the utmost importance,” a hotel spokesman told Mail Online.

Nothing was stolen in the intrusion and security at the Las Vegas resort, has now been stepped up, Mail Online reported.

Mike Tyson, 45, has held the heavyweight championship belts for the WBC, WBA, and IBF.

Tyson, who lost his 4-year-old daughter in a tragic 2009 accident, has recently co-starred in the popular Warner Bros. comedy, “The Hangover.” The retired boxer, who is no stranger to legal troubles, has been dealing with bankruptcy for the past several years.