'Inuyashiki Last Hero' Episode 9 Spoilers: Did the Vengeful Cyborg Just Declare War on the Entire City?

Inuyashiki Official SiteKey visual art for the Japanese -action-sci-fi anime series, "Inuyashiki Last Hero," based on the manga created by Hiroya Oku.

It seems that Hiro may well be back to his old habits on the next episode of the Japanese action-sci-fi anime series, "Inuyashiki Last Hero." What happens now that he has basically declared war against the city's police force, or perhaps on the entire city itself?

The previous episode picked up where the last one left off with an entire police squad invaded Shion's house and began shooting, thereby killing Shion and her grandmother. Hiro responded to this by taking Shion and the old woman's bodies into the air and later using his healing power to revive them.

Afterwards, the deeply angered cyborg went out to take his revenge on the assault team that robbed him of a chance at a normal and peaceful life. He was, however, gunned down and at one point it even seemed like he was gone.

But a self-protection mechanism, much like the one that Inuyashiki also has, was activated and eventually wiped out the police, save for one he left alive to bear witness to his deeds. Before he walked away, however, he also declared that it was not over yet.

What could Hiro be planning on doing next? Is he about to launch a second attack on the rest of the city's police force, or could he be thinking of going back to his old ways of killing off random citizens?

On the other hand, could Inuyashiki possibly match Hiro's skill level enough to take the vengeful cyborg head on? Also, now that Hiro has lost everything he has ever held dear, will it be his next mission to bring Inuyashiki down to the same level of despair by taking out his family next?

Moreover, how will it affect him when he finds out that his childhood friend, Andou, has aligned himself with the middle-aged heroic cyborg in a bid to take him down?

"Inuyashiki Last Hero" airs on Thursday late night at 12:55 a.m. JST on Fuji TV's noitaminA anime block. Information on other broadcast schedules and online resources can be found on the series' official site. Episodes are also available for regions outside Japan via Amazon Prime's Anime Strike service.