Invisible Children to Release New Video Monday

Last week a 30 minute video about the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony who is the leader of the notorious Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) went viral and raised questions about the group.

Invisible Children, the non-profit group that created the video about African warlord Kony, said it will release a new film today to address criticism and answer questions about the group.

The group's "KONY 2012" video had been viewed more than 70 million times on YouTube. The aim for Invisible Children, which is based in San Diego, is to make Kony a household name and to raise a global awareness to end the abductions, killings, rapes, and abuses by LRA in central Africa.

However, many are now also asking question about the group releasing these videos - Invisible Children. Skeptics want to have a better understanding of the group which has shot up from obscurity in less than a week.

"There's nothing to hide -- Invisible Children has been transparent since 2004 when we started," Ben Keesey, the group's chief executive, said in an interview Sunday night on CNN.

"That's our intention and we want to show that this campaign is part of a model and strategy that's comprehensive," he added.

Criticism for the group, which some are referring to as "slacktivists," stems from the claim that Invisible Children spends more on filmmaking and promotion than directly helping fight Joseph Kony.

Keesey said the group planned to release a 10-minute video Monday "that clicks through some of the questions," according to CNN.

"Any approach to stop the LRA needs to be sensitive to that," he said. "It needs to do everything possible to protect those innocent women and children."