iOS 10.3 Jailbreak: Pangu to Launch Steady Jailbreak Tool in August

Wikimedia Commons/Kārlis DambrānsiPhone 7 Plus

The iOS 10.3.1/10.3 jailbreak was recently made available, but it is reportedly already under a counterattack from Apple.

Apple has been boosting up its system, making the new iOS.3.1 update almost impenetrable and impossible to jailbreak. iOS 10 jailbreak tools, in general, have been difficult to come by due to Apple's improved, more complicated systems.

However, Chinese hacker collective Pangu is up to the task to deliver an effective jailbreak tool for the iOS 10.3.1. Pangu will reportedly release a stable jailbreak tool in August. A video of the demo version of the jailbreak tool was released on YouTube, Value Walk reported.

It was presumed that Pangu's 10.3.1 jailbreak tool, also codenamed Janus, will be available once Apple launches the iOS 10.3.2. The timing is thought to ensure that Apple doesn't incorporate additional security codes that would block the holes Pangu has managed to infiltrate.

According to Blorge, the Yalu jailbreak tool was developed by Italian hacker and researcher Luca Todesco. It is compatible with the iOS 10.3.1. The tool best suits 64-bit devices such as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and may not work on other iPhone and iPad devices. The beta version of this tool is recommended for experienced developers who want to jailbreak their iPhone 7. Those with no or little experience with jailbreak may have to wait for the Pangu release.

The Yalu jailbreak tool requires the Cydia Impactor. It also requires a person's Apple ID before initiating the jailbreak. If privacy is a concern, users may log in using an alternative Apple ID for this process.

Meanwhile, a zJailbreak tool has been made available on a Pangu website. The said tool claims to be the "only jailbreak alternative solution for iOS 10.3/10.3.1." Users can install this jailbreak using Cydia lite, not the full Cydia program.