iOS 11 Beta 2: Timeline of Previous iOS Updates Might Provide Clues to Release Date

AppleA preview of the iOS 11

The timeline of previous iOS beta releases might provide clues on when the iOS 11 beta 2 will go live.

As soon as Apple formally announced iOS 11 during their Worldwide Developers Conference event last week, the beta testing of the upcoming software update was also activated but has remained restricted to developers.

iOS 11 is one of the most significant software updates that Apple has launched because it will reportedly bring several changes focused on enhancing the productivity of Apple's mobile devices. With that, the hype of the general public to partake in iOS 11's beta testing is understandable.

However, Apple has not said a word about the public beta yet. In the official webpage for Apple's Beta Program, the company only says, "The iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, and tvOS 11 public betas are coming soon."

Following the timeline of previous beta releases on older iOS updates (via Thinky Bits), since iOS 6.0, the time it takes between beta 1 and beta 2 spans from 14 to 15 days except for iOS 10 that needed 22 days.

iOS 11's first beta for developers was officially released last June 5. With that, the most probable time of release for the iOS 11 beta 2 is on Monday, June 19.

However, considering that iOS 11 comes with some major changes seen in the history of the iOS, it will not be surprising if it will take as long as iOS 10 did last year. So it is possible that the public might also see the second beta version for iOS 11 in the week of June 26.

Note though that these are based on historical records of iOS and is not an absolute timeframe that Apple uses, so it is best to take these speculations with a pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, some of the highlighted features on iOS 11 include the new Files app that practically works like a file managing system on desktop while also sporting the ability to merge files from other organizer apps or platforms such as Google Drive and more.

iOS 11 will also introduce an Apple-based password management feature so users can experience less hassle when opening accounts on various social media platforms and mobile apps.

Apple has only confirmed that iOS 11 will be released sometime in fall.