iOS 5.1 Release Date Coming in March

The release date for iOS 5.1, the latest update in software for Apple's hit devices such as the iPad and the iPhone should be coming sometime in March.

According to numerous sources in Apple's Asian supply chain, the new iPad is expected to launch in March and the belief is that the iOS 5.1 update will come out simultaneously with the tablet.

Bloomberg also confirmed that there is a strong possibility that March would be the month that Apple would decide to come out with it.

It has been four months since the original iOS 5 update has launched with the only iOS 5.0.1 being offered since that time. The company seems due for a more thorough upgrade.

This upgrade will also be needed for devices such as the next-gen iPhone and iPad 3 since they will both include new hardware. Both of them are expected to pack an A6 chipset that includes a quad-core processor taking Apple's gadgets to the next level.

Apple must also factor in that hackers have begun to jailbreak its current iOS 5.0.1 recently so the new system is already vulnerable. The company will want to close that up in order to keep these hackers at bay.

There is also a battery life issue with the iPhone 4S, according to some users so an adequate update should be able to somewhat help correct it. Bugs can get worked out of the system as well.

Apple is sure to put in a few new features with a iOS 5.1 update and it will perfect many of the current features such as the iCloud and iMessage that were incorporated after Apple's systems were upgraded from iOS 4.