iOS 5.1 Coming Next Year: Siri to Snap Pictures and Shoot Film?

Apple is looking to improve Siri with iOS 5.1.

According to technology website MacRumors, Apple is reportedly working on enhancements to the Siri functionality for the iPhone 4S with an update set to drop sometime early next year.

MacRumors discovered this information on German technology website Macerkopf.

“iOS 5.0.2 coming very soon, solving the battery bugs. Should arrive before end of next week,” said Macerkopf’s report. “Apple is working hard on the update. In addition Apple is working on the first big iOS 5 update iOS 5.1, bringing some Siri-extensions.”

Some of these extensions include Siri taking on new responsibilities, including turning Wi-Fi on and off, and commanding the device to snap a picture or shoot a video.

The report also explained the upcoming iOS 5.0.2 update and how Apple is attempting to correct battery life issues with the update.

It is expected to be available for download “no later than next week,” according to the German website.

There is no news on developers testing iOS 5.0.2, so Macerkopf does not think Apple will release it soon.

MacRumors took the Macerkopf report with a grain of salt, because the publication is not a frequent source of rumors regarding Apple’s plans.

However, the website said Macerkopf’s information seems to line up with Apple’s priorities on addressing the battery life issues and expanding the functionality of Siri.

Taking pictures with Siri may make the process more complicated, because the user would have to open the system and speak the command to take the picture, when users can already access the iPhone 4S's camera by simply clicking the home button twice.