iOS 5 Battery Issues to be Fixed With Apple's Release of iOS 5.0.2? (VIDEO)

Apple is making a second attempt to remedy iOS 5 battery life issues through the release of the iOS 5.0.2. this week.

 iOS 5 Battery Issues to be Solved with Apple's Release of 5.0.2?

Apple had previously attempted to remedy its iOS 5 battery concerns through its release of 5.0.1, but failed to effectively rectify the issue.

Following the release of 5.O.1 many customers flocked to the company’s Apple’s support forum, to offer complaint of the lack of improvement. One commenter had this to say, “Hate to say it...battery life was pretty bad on the 5.0 Worse...MUCH worse now on 5.0.1.”

A second customer added: “I now think I'm going to have to return my iPhone and go with another brand as it's getting a bit too ridiculous now.”

Some customers expressed frustration with not receiving timely and effective responses from Apple to their many queries on the issue. 

The German website Macerkopf is also reporting that Apple’s 5.0.1 update will enable Siri, Apple’s popular voice-communication program, to adjust certain hardware settings of Wi-fi and Blue tooth as well as take pictures.

Siri’s news will be a welcomed one for many, who will have the ability to assign additional tasks through the usage of voice communications. Still others will be hoping that this latest update from Apple will fix the bothersome battery problem.