iOS 5 Error 3200: iOS 5 Launch Becomes Update Disaster, Users Complain on Twitter

Apple released its latest operating system, the iOS 5, with more than 200 new features Wednesday.

However, many users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod who were excited to get the long-awaited iOS 5 quickly met with disappointment, reporting on social networks that they had to wait up to three hours to download the new operating system.

“iOS 5 download is taking 3 hours. :( Maybe some of you could download it later so servers are less jammed for me? RT and spread the word!” said user @jakefogelnest.

iOS 5 became available 1 p.m. EDT for download from Apple’s servers via the latest version of iTunes, but users first needed to download and install iTunes version 10.5.

Through Facebook, Twitter and Apple forums, users complained about difficulties in updating handsets. After the iTunes update downloaded, users received the iTunes-generated error message “3200,” which said it could not be installed on the handsets.

“BlackBerry is down and downloading iOS 5 results in 'ERROR 3200'. I can see the headlines already: 'APPLE AND BLACKBERRY CRUMBLE',” wrote @jeeveswilliams.

Other people complained that there were lost or deleted applications and bricked phones. Some users reported that the update had erased apps and data in the process.

“Common iOS upgrade errors we’re hearing: download installation errors, probably apple servers issues. Deleted apps, music, photos, folders,” reported cultofmac in the micro blog.

“WOW! iOS install deleted all applications installed on my iPhone. #EPICFAIL!!!” complained another user, Woork.

Error 3200 emerged as a trending topic on Twitter, while other reports that the download process was very slow flooded the social network.

A similar situation occurred in 2008, when the iPhone 3G launched on the same day that iOS 2.0 became available to the iPhone. Major headaches for customers were caused by the crush of people accessing iTunes to register their devices.

To get the download of the new iOS, users must upgrade to iTunes 10.5, and connect their device to the computer and click the “Update” button on the page that comes up after plugging in their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

As of Friday, it appears that a few tweaks have been made on the company’s end to the online elements of the installation process. Users who had various iOS 5 installation woes earlier in the week are now able to complete the upgrade, according to Macworld.