iOS 5 Jailbreak Warning: Fake Jailbreak App Pulled From Apple App Store

An application posing as a jailbreak app was recently pulled from Apple's App Store.

The app, called "Jailbreak" was available at the App Store for $9.99 and was actually a game instead of a jailbreaking tool.

The app however claimed that it was compatible with iOS 3.0 through iOS 5 and able to jailbreak all iOS devices including iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Tech website, BlogsDNA was the first to report on the invalidity of the app at its Twitter page.

"iPhone app disguising as app to jailbreak, don't fall for this, its game and not tool to jailbreak," BlogsDNA Tweeted.

Tech website, MuscleNerd later reported that Apple had removed the App after BlogsDNA's discovery; noting that actual jailbreakers probably realized the app was a fake.

The app was reportedly available at the App Store for over two weeks, having been originally posted on Oct. 26. It is unknown how many App Store users may have bought the app or if Apple will be providing them with refunds.

Tech website, iPhoneHacks noted that it is extremely unusual that the app made it past Apple's "stringent approval process," especially with a name like "Jailbreak."

It is commonly known that Apple's source code for the iPhone 4S especially, is copyrighted against being sourced by third parties.

The copyright is one of the main reasons why developers who have ported the iPhone 4S exclusive, artificial intelligence program, Siri to other devices such as the iPhone 4 and the iPad, have not released the port to the public.

While jailbreaks for the iPhone 4 have become available over time, there remains no jailbreak for the iPhone 4S.