iOS 5 Release Date: 200+ New Features Launched in iOS 5

Apple released its latest operating system, the iOS 5, Wednesday. Apple’s website proclaims, “We’ve taken iOS to a whole new level,” adding that the company has enhanced its operating system by adding more than 200 features.

According to tech gurus, the most noteworthy additions to the iOS 5 are iCloud, Notifications Center, Reminders, a new iTunes and iMessage. These new additions streamline the way one can access and share data between multiple Apple devices.

The notifications center enables users to keep track of email, texts, friend requests and more, all in one location.

iCloud allows users to store their content and wirelessly push it into all their Apple devices.

Reminders will enable a user to organize “to-do lists” and has a reminder feature based on the user’s current location. Thus, if a user lists "buy milk" as a reminder on their Apple device, when the user pulls up to the supermarket, the phone would signal a reminder to buy milk.

The new iMessage is a messaging service that allows users to send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G from their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to anyone that also has those devices.

The new iTunes will synchronize with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch powered by iOS 5, making music accessible between all of a user’s Apple products.

Technology expert Josh Smith said that upgrading to the iOS 5 offers Apple users a great opportunity to “clean up your device.”

Smith instructed Apple users to remove applications they no longer use and back up their iPhone or iPad before making the upgrade so no vital information is lost.