iOS 5 Release Date: iCloud Goes Live

Apple’s new iOS 5 software will be made available to the world today as a free upgrade.

Traditionally, Apple usually begins making new iOS software available for download on iTunes around 10:00 a.m. during release dates, so iOS 5 should drop around that time today.

One of the most anticipated features to be included in iOS 5 is the iCloud, which is Apple’s free of charge online services suite.

iCloud has officially gone live for the general public, and users can sign up for the service at using their Apple ID credentials.

Apple ID is a user name that gives someone access to most of Apple’s services including the iTunes Store, iChat and MobileMe.

It also allows customers to purchase products from Apple’s online store and now will be utilized to access iCloud in order to store content.

On iCloud’s website, there used to be a beta flag symbol which is no longer there as of today.

This means the service is ready to use for those customers taking advantage of Apple’s upgrade to the highly anticipated iOS 5 software.

A new assistance site geared towards aiding with the use of iCloud is also available at

Some of its sections include iCloud basics, the Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Find My iPhone web apps.

The recommended web browsers for accessing the iCloud are Apple’s Safari 5 for Mac or Windows, Mozilla’s Firefox 5 for Mac or Windows, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 on Windows and Google’s Chrome12 on Mac or Windows.

iCloud will compete with other cloud like systems out there from companies such as Amazon.

The service helps users to avoid taking the time to download all of their media to each of their portable devices separately by placing everything into the cloud.