iOS 5 Release Date: Lookout Launches New iOS Security App for iPhone

Mobile security company Lookout has released Lookout Mobile Security for the iPhone, a dedicated safety protection application for iPhones and iPads via a new, free iOS app launching Tuesday.

According to Tech Crunch, Lookout designers zeroed in on a single, simple app to keep iPhone users safe. Developers started the development process by addressing current security risks facing iPhone users.

In a survey conducted by the security company, 93 percent of iPhone users said they have concerns about the security of the data stored in their phones. The survey also found that four out of every 10 iPhone users are unsure about the security of public WiFi and more than a third of users don’t regularly sync their devices.

Lookout’s new app addresses the safety issues for iPhone users. The mobile app includes a missing device feature as well as the option to use Lookout to help locate a user’s lost or stolen phone on a map or sound a loud alarm to find it nearby. The app explicitly instructs users through the necessary steps to secure their Apple devices.

With the addition of the iOS app, users can manage multiple devices from a dashboard on Lookout’s site including their iPad, iPhone and even Android phone or tablet.

However, one feature that is noticeably missing from Lookout’s iOS app is malware protection. Lookout previously launched a new mobile browsing application that automatically checks every website a user visits from an app, e-mail, or browser on a mobile phone to prevent phishing sites from stealing personal data and malware from being installed on a device.

According to Lookout, malware has not been an issue with iOS in the past so that’s why developers excluded it from the functionality of their new app.

Powered by Lookout’s Mobile Threat Network, which analyzes global threat data, Lookout seeks to protect a user before they are aware a threat of security exists.

Tech Crunch predicts that Lookout’s user base will expand with the iOS edition. Currently, Lookout has 12 million users and offers security services for a number of smartphone platforms including Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.