iOS 6 Features: What Are the Best Features Being Released This Time?

Apple is set to release its latest operating system, the iOS 6, on Wednesday with a host of new features. The release is part of a flurry of releases from the tech. giant, which is also releasing its iPhone 5 just days later on Sept. 21.

Here are some of the best features expected in the iOS 6 and may help Apple fans decide whether to update their devices or not.

So far the voice-activated personal assistant, Siri, has only been available on the iPhone. However, with the iOS 6 release Siri will now become available on the new iPad (third generation), as well as the fifth generation iPod Touch.

The update will also allow Siri to perform a vast number of new tasks through voice activation, including opening and closing apps, finding general information such as movies and restaurants, as well as posting messages directly to a user's Twitter of Facebook social media account.

The upgrade basically sees another advancement by Apple in its social media integration. Last year Apple integrated Twitter, but many fans were left bewildered over why Facebook had not also been included. With the iOS 6, Facebook integration will be implemented, allowing users to operate their Facebook accounts seamlessly.

Status updates will be possible from various apps, as well as the opportunity to integrate contacts and calendars with the social network. Users will find it easier to "Like" apps and songs on the App Store and iTunes Store.

One of the most exciting apps to be included with the iOS 6 is called "Passbook." This new app is basically a digital "wallet" or "handbag." Users will be able to store and neatly organize all their digital movie tickets, digital boarding passes for flights, as well as the all important digital versions of discount coupons for shopping.

Another standout upgrade coming with iOS 6 is a feature called iClouds Tabs, which will allow users to open Safari Web browser tabs on their Macs that they left open on their other Apple devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

The iOS 6 will be released for download on Wednesday, although the exact time it will become available has not been announced yet, and the Apple web page for the iOS 6 release simply states "Coming Soon" on Tuesday evening.