iOS 6 Vs. JellyBean: Which Software is Sweeter?

With Apple's iOS 6 release date coming at the end of this week, Android 4.1 JellyBean will have its first real challenger since its launch back in July of this year.

Both software platforms are extremely impressive and have some of the same features.

For example, iOS 6 will have an updated form of Siri on it that will be able to check for sports scores, find restaurants and have better integration with notifications. Android 4.1, JellyBean's Google Now voice-command feature, is already capable of performing these kinds of tasks.

The refined Siri seems like nothing more than an attempt for Apple to catch up with Google's system. iOS 6 will eliminate some of Google's services including YouTube and Google Maps. Now Apple will come up with its very own maps app, but YouTube is pretty much irreplaceable and has become the most popular video website in the world.

iOS 6 will come with Apple's new Passbook app along with the new Apple Maps app. Apple device users will also be able to tag incoming phone calls and will have better Facebook integration.

Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and Samsung Galaxy S3 already come with NFC chips pre-installed. This allows them to use Android Beam- a service that lets users share photos by touching their devices together. Apple's iOS 6 comes with Shared Photo Stream, which functions like an Instagram account. Once a user takes a photo, it is uploaded to their Stream, and only select users will be able to view these photos.

Both of these operating systems offer some pretty enticing features. However, it seems like Apple is trying to catch up to Google with some of its choices. The company also incorporated Panorama picture taking on iOS 6, something that has been available on Android since November of last year.