iOS 7 Release Date Approaches as Software Appears in Web Traffic Stats

The iOS 7 release date is quickly approaching as the software is appearing more frequently in various web traffic statistics.

The new operating system has made appearances in the past few months, but last week there was a significant spike in iOS 7 usage, according to MacRumors, who spotted the difference in their own logs.

These hits are coming from Apple's block of IP addresses, which suggests that the company has moved on to the last phase of testing as the rumored unveiling at the Worldwide Developers Conference is just a month away.

Another company known as Onswipe has seen an increase of iOS 7 usage in its logs in recent weeks. The site stated that there has been a bump in the number of visits from iPhones and iPads running the new software. All of these devices have been located in both Cupertino and San Francisco. San Francisco had the most iOS 7 visits with 18.75 percent and Cupertino had about 17.9 percent.

The highest amount of iOS 7 traffic on Onswipe to date occurred on May 2, with 23 percent of all unique iOS visitors using the new version. Most of these users were visting from iPhones, with iPads accounting for just one quarter of them.

Apple's iOS 7 is expected to debut next month at the Worldwide Developer's Conference. However, the company might only show off the new software, and hold the off the official public release for a few months. Apple will also show off its new OS X 10.9 during the event.

There has not been a huge spike in OS X 10.9 traffic in recent weeks. However, it has been growing slowly for a number of months, according to MacRumors.