iOS 7 Shows Up on the iPad in a New Video

iOS 7 made one of its first appearances on Apple's famed iPad this week in a new video released by a Russia-based YouTube user named Rozetked.

He claims the iPad is running a version of the software called iOS 7 "alpha." He gives no explanation on the version's origin and does not explain how he installed in on the tablet. Although his credibility on this one is questionable, the video functions well for those who are curious about what the software will look like when installed on the device.

It shows off the updated Notification and Control Center in appropriate portions to the screen size. However, the Control Center does not have the Flashlight setting found in some of the simulated screenshots. The video also displays 2x app mode along with folder functionality and several stock app icons.

Apple has not announced the release date for the developer's version of the iPad, which is currently available for the iPhone. The company confirmed that the iOS 7 release date will be in the fall at WWDC earlier this month.

The new software will come with many new features along with a completely redesigned layout with fresh fonts and new templates. The newly designed interface will come with flat icons and a 3D effect that will make the wallpaper appear to be some distance behind the icons.

The notification menu will also be updated, as users will access it by pulling it down. It can track what activity you are doing such as playing music and provides users with easy access to their settings and the new features called AirPlay and AirDrop.

AirDrop allows Mac users to share content such as pictures and videos with a multiple amount of people using Apple devices in the same vicinity. It is similar to the NFC, except the devices don't need to make physical contact and must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.