Iowa Cousins Are Alive, Authorities Say as Search Continues Across State Lines

Missing Iowa cousins Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins are believed to be alive, authorities have stated. The girls have been missing since July 13, and authorities have labeled the case as an abduction, and are expanding the search across state lines.

FBI officials gave a press conference yesterday, and spokeswoman Sandy Breault said that they believe the cousins have not been killed. However, she did not provide any information as to what led to that conclusion.

Meyers Lake, where the girls were last seen, was drained earlier in the week, but no clues were found. Only the bikes the girls were on, a cellphone and purse have been found since July 13. Authorities have been busy interviewing "persons of interest" in the case but have not officially named any suspects.

Reports state that Lyric's father, Daniel Morrissey, has a criminal record and has been placed in a pre-trial supervision program. He will be under supervision from parole officers who will monitor his court proceedings and outside activity. A judge also ruled that Misty Morrissey, Lyric's mother, is not to have any contact with Daniel during the trial.

Morrissey's sister-in-law Tammy Brousseau told reporters that authorities were targeting Daniel: "They told him they had proof that he did it. They found out a couple of family members have a criminal history, so they're focusing really hard on them."

Daniel Morrissey previously told ABC News, "Yeah, they're looking at me like a suspect. You tell them the truth and they say, 'You're holding something back,' What is left to talk about? You know, we go over and over and over again."

Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to call the Evansdale Police Department at (319) 232-6682.