iPad 2: Smart Cover Offers Unauthorized Access to User's Tablets (VIDEO)

A recent video has surfaced that shows how someone can get unauthorized access to one's iPad 2 by using a "Smart Cover."

This security threat has reportedly surfaced from iPad 2 devices with Apple's iOS 5 and iOS 4.3 operating systems.

The Smart Cover item can be used to bypass someone's security passcode for the device. When a locked iPad is brought to the power off screen and powered down, the Smart Cover can be placed upon it.

Once someone turns the iPad 2 back on, all of the owners' apps and documents will be open for anyone to see. Apps such as Mail, Safari, Messages, Contacts, or Maps could be accessed through the Smart Cover trick.

Although someone can get into some users' iPad 2 apps, full access cannot be derived from it. Rosa Golijan, writer for the tech blog at MSNBC.com, wrote, "Attempts to open up any app other than the one which was running when the iPad was locked - or to open any app while on the home screen - will fail."

Users can opt to protect themselves from this technical caveat through this option.

Users have to toggle off the "iPad Cover Lock/Unlock" feature. This option can be found under the "General" tab in the "Settings" app.

From that point on, users will have to turn off the iPad 2's screen manually when they close the cover. This may be a hassle but it adds some needed protection to one tablet.

Apple hasn't issued any solutions for this problem yet.

The video below shows the Smart Cover security bypass for the iPad 2 below: