iPad 3 Set for January 2012 Release, iWorld Event to Launch 2 Versions

Apple is expected to launch the next generation iPad at the 2012 MacWorld/iWorld event that is scheduled to take place in January, according to tech site Digitimes.com.

Digitimes claims that this information leaked down from a source in Apple’s supply chain partners. These models of the company’s popular tablet will enter the market and set the new standard for high-end devices. It is set to join the iPad 2, whose new focus is to compete with other popular tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire.

“The iPad 2 will be competing directly with Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the price-sensitive market segment, while the new models will focus on the mid-range and high-end segments respectively,” said the source.

The site also reported on the specifications expected to be on the tablet. The iPad 3 will include a 9.7-inch screen with QXGA resolution that bumps up its resolution to (1,536x2,048 pixels). It should also have dual-LED light bars that are specifically designed for the new iPad to strengthen the brightness of the panels, according to the sources.

Sharp is set to be the major panel supplier for the upcoming iPad, while Samsung and LG are also expected to pitch in as well. Apple will also continue to contract Samsung to manufacture its quad-core A6 processors for the iPad 3. The electronics company also makes the A5 chip that is included in the iPad 2.

Samsung will also create the CMOS image sensor for one of the versions of the new iPad that comes with a 5-megapixel lens. According to Digitimes sources, Apple will release two different models of the iPad with the other including an 8-megapixel lens that Sony will produce and supply.

Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology will be the manufacturers for batteries that will have a capacity as high as 14,000 mAh for the new iPads, according to the site’s sources.