iPad 3 to Launch in February 2012

Apple's next-generation iPad, presumably called iPad 3, may be getting ready for launch in February 2012.

Hardware upgrades this new device would experience would include a high-resolution retina display currently found on the iPhone 4 and 4S but not on either the iPad or the iPad 2, said Citi analyst Richard Gardner, according to the Business Insider and PCMag.

With retina display, the iPad 3 would boost its resolution to 326 ppi-pixels per inch-up from 132 ppi-the resolution currently found on the first and second generation iPads.

It is said that pixels in a display with resolution over 300 ppi are impossible to distinguish by the naked eye or retina at a distance of 10 to 12 inches, hence "retina" display.

Other upgrades the new iPad would probably experience would fall under the category of internet connectivity.

The iPad 2 is currently compatible only with 3G broadband internet but with 4G broadband internet quickly becoming mainstream, Apple is forced to upgrade.

Also another highly anticipated feature for the iPad 3 is Siri. The computerized voice assistant that has marveled iPhone 4S users should inevitably make its way into the new tablet.

If reports are true, the iPad 3 will be out just 11 months after its predecessor with which Apple will try to continue controlling the tablet market it is already dominating with 65 percent of the global tablet market share.