Wednesday, March 21, 2012
iPad 3 Wi-Fi Connection Problems Being Caused by Software

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Connection Problems Being Caused by Software

Owners of the new iPad have been reporting some issues with the Wi-Fi feature on the device.

Users are complaining about the Wi-Fi connection on both the 4G LTE and Wi-Fi only versions of Apple tablet.

"My iPad 3rd generation has much worse range than my iPad 1," wrote a forum poster. "Two places I use it most My Driveway, and 'down the hall at work' iPad 1 (iPhone 4S, and Macbook) all have solid connections. New iPad nothing. Not a thing."

Two of the more interesting stories that surfaced regarding the device's poor Wi-Fi reception is a user who could only get it within six feet of the router and another who had issues with four different third-generation iPads.

The problem with the Wi-Fi on the tablet seems to be software related.

"The good news is the fix is likely software related, as many in the forums point to temporary fixes such as rebooting the device or toggling Wi-Fi on and off," wrote 9to5Mac.

OS X Daily also confirmed that the problem could be easily corrected by resetting Wi-Fi and network settings.

The original iPad also had Wi-Fi connectivity issues when it was launched in 2010. Apple ended up having to issue a software update in order to correct the problem.

Apple commented on the Wi-Fi issue back then stating that only a small percentage of devices it sold had been experiencing problems. It seems to be the same with the new iPad.

The new iPad also runs slightly hot due to the high definition Retina display along with taking quite long to receive a full charge. These are just a couple of other issues that Apple fans have been complaining about. However, they cause no problems with the performance of the device.

The iPad 3 is currently available on AT&T and Verizon in both a 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi only version.


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