iPad 5 Rear Panel Pictures Surface, Tablet to Resemble iPad Mini

Photos that appear to be of the 5th generation iPad's rear panel made their way to the internet this week and reveal some information about the tablet.

By closely examining the parts in the image, it can be seen that Apple has chosen a design for the new iPad that resembles the Mini model as this rear panel features the same kind of bezels, chamfered edges and curves.

9to5Mac first posted the pictures up and the site claims that it cannot fully confirm that these parts officially belong to the next generation iPad. However, the site was told that the part in the picture is a prototype back plate for the fifth generation model with a 9.7-inch display. The site was also told that the casing for the tablet is almost as thin as the iPad Mini's. This casing will allow for LTE as well due to the black antenna cut in the photo.

This report lines up perfectly with an earlier one from iLounge which stated that the new iPad would closely resemble the iPad Mini.

The site's description revealed that the next generation full-sized iPad would be a lot smaller than the previous version with virtually no left or right bezels with only enough space above and below the screen to accommodate the camera and home button. Other than that, the site stated that it was noticeably thinner. This would make the fifth generation iPad smaller than all of its predecessors.

The site basically called it a "stretched mini iPad."

The iPad 5 is expected to launch sometime this year along with a new version of the iPad Mini that features a greater screen resolution.