iPad 5 Release Date: Specs, Features, Price News Roundup Ahead of Apple Event October 2013 (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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Picture: Weibo.comiPad 5 Silver Rear Shell

The next generation iPad 5 is rumored to be released in October at Apple's eagerly anticipated event, and over recent months rumors about the device's specs, features and price have been swirling.

Here is a round up of some of the most probably rumors concerning the upcoming next generation tablet.

Release Date

Apple is touted to be holding a special event on October 15, 2013 where the iPad 5 will be released. Invitations are expected to be released to the press this week, which should confirm as such.

Traditionally Apple always sends out press invitations a week prior to holding its special events and keynote events where major products are released.

Specs and Features

The iPad 5 is expected to undergo a major redesign – which would be the first for years. The new iPad is expected to be much lighter than previous models, and thinner – similar to that of the first generation iPad Mini.

The iPad 5 is expected to feature the A7 chip, which of course powers Apple's new iPhone 5S device. It is also expected to feature the new M7 chip, which is a motion co-processor that is inside the latest iPhone. The tablet obviously will come with a Retina display.

Rumors have also suggested that a wireless charging feature will be released with the new iPad 5. Apple filed a patent in September 2011 for such a feature and numerous sources over recent weeks have claimed that the iPad 5 will be the first to feature this.


The iPad 5 is rumored to sell starting from $399 and will rise from there for the higher memory devices.


Although there has not been any confirmation from Apple – there never is in advance to their devices being released – many rumors have been sparked about the iPad 5 being released in different colors.

Apple's iPhone 5S featured a new gold colored version, and many believe that the iPad 5 will also feature a gold version due to the huge popularity of the new color choice. Whether that turns out to be true or not remains to be seen.