iPad Mini 2 Rumors Confirm Retina Display, No Mention of Non-Retina Model for 2013

The latest iPad Mini 2 rumors confirm that Apple suppliers will be using retina displays when assembling the new device.

The next-generation model will likely feature a high-resolution screen from Samsung, according to The Wall Street Journal. This contradicts older reports that state that Apple will launch the second generation version of the iPad Mini 2 without a retina display.

Apple will also offer multiple colors of back covers for the smaller flagship slate. They will be used to compliment the rumored lower-cost iPhone that is expected to have plastic back covers in a number of colors.

DigiTimes reported earlier this year that Apple was planning on releasing a newer version of the iPad mini that did not feature a retina display before the end of this year.

While the new iPad mini may not be available during the year-end shopping season, Apple reportedly may first release a slightly updated version of the current iPad Mini in the second half of 2013, which is expected to be "lighter, thinner and equipped with improved specifications," added DigiTimes.

The publication claimed that a Retina model could launch sometime in 2014. It also described what it will be like.

"Apple is reportedly aiming to use Retina panel technology equipped with 2,048 by 1,536 resolution in the next generation 7.9-inch iPad mini," wrote the site. "Apple is also said to be revising the design of the chassis to give the next-generation iPad Mini an almost bezel-free look."

The fifth-generation iPad will feature a design that is very close to the iPad mini. Pictures of what could be the tablet's rear shell leaked today that showed a device with a similar appearance to its smaller counterpart.

Both the fifth-generation iPad and iPad mini successor are expected to launch sometime this fall. Both will feature more powerful processors and will run iOS 7 out of the box.